Bird of the Month!

Each month we pick the Bird of the Month! Do you want to pick the bird of the month? If it is your birthday month, you get to let us know what you want the bird of the month to be to celebrate your birthday month. You can even share a picture you took or drew of the bird!

January 2023: Snowy Owl!

The January 2023 Bird of the Month is the Snowy Owl! Snowy Owls are very pretty birds. They are some of the largest owls right next to the Great Gray Owl. They make their nests on the ground instead of in trees. They come around Western New York in winter - sometimes there are more of them, sometimes there are less. This year there seems to be less! As with so many birds, you can look for recent sightings using eBird - here is a link to the world map of Snowy Owl sightings - you can set the date range or zoom in on a location if you have a free eBird account! You can learn more about Snowy Owls and Snowy Owl research at

December 2022: California Condor!

The December 2022 Bird of the Month is the California Condor! California Condors are the third largest bird in the world. Native to California and the Southwest, they were nearly extinct in the 1970s due to DDT, other pesticides, and habitat loss but now due to breeding programs there are close to 300 in the wild. WNY Young Birder founders Sam and Maisie were lucky enough to spot the juvenile California Condor pictured here at Navajo Bridge while on a trip west. Many thanks to fellow birder Anya Fineman for the picture and to the eBird app's "Explore" feature for letting us know where to look for these amazing birds!

November 2022: Wild Turkey!

The November 2022 Bird of the Month is, of course, the Wild Turkey! Wild Turkeys are beautiful - keep your eyes open along the roadside, on the trail, or even in your own backyard for these amazing birds!

October 2022: Eastern Bluebird!

The October 2022 Bird of the Month is the Eastern Bluebird, our New York State Bird! Eastern Bluebirds are a great success story for conservation efforts across our state and country. Want to see bluebirds? Knox Farm State Park is a great place to see them!

September 2022: Common Eider!

The Common Eider was selected in honor of WNY YBC member Phoenix's birthday - a favorite bird from a wonderful bird-filled trip to Massachusetts! Happy Birdday Phoenix and thanks for the photo and artwork!

August 2022: American Flamingo!

The American Flamingo was selected in honor of WNY YBC member Frankie LaDue's birthday - flamingos are Frankie's favorite! Happy Birthday Frankie!

July 2022: Wood Duck!

The Wood Duck was picked because if you go out in a marsh, a pond, or even a vernal pool in the woods and you look they are probably there. You can even see baby Wood Ducks this time of year following their mama! Did you know that Wood Ducks nest in tree cavities up to 20 feet in the area and the fledglings are so well padded with down it doesn't even hurt to plop to the ground?

June 2022: Northern Cardinal!

The Northern Cardinal was selected in honor of WNY YBC member Graham Weaver's birthday - cardinals are Graham's favorite! Happy Birthday Graham!

May 2022: Great Blue Heron!

The Great Blue Heron is truly one of our most impressive local birds and leaves little doubt that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs! A number showed up through the mist on our walk at College Lodge yesterday adding to the other-worldliness of the foggy day.

April 2022: Kinglets!

The Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets were chosen as bird of the month in honor of migration and because they are the number one most common bird we have banded in two weekends of bird banding visits to Powdermill Avian Research Center and Braddock Bay Bird Observatory!

March 2022: American Woodcock!

We picked the American Woodcock because our March wander was all about woodcock and we even saw them! Also, they are amazing :)